G-Shock Watches and Their Continued Commerce Presence


Kikuo Ibe - G-Shock Watches and Their Continued Commerce Presence

How a durable brand, started in 1981, continues to serve its purpose.

G-Shock is a brand of watch from Casio, known for its extreme water resistance, shock absorbency and long-lasting battery life. It made its way onto the market in 1983 with the help of watch designer Kikuo Ibe.  By 2017 G-shock has shipped over 100 million watches worldwide. So, what keeps this brand thriving in a technological age dominated by smart phones with the capacity to tell time?

Brand Recognition

It’s important when investing in any piece of technology to check the brand you’re purchasing from and their reviews. G-Shock is a brand that has been trusted for over 40 years with producing watches, they boast a large client base that is extremely loyal, and rightfully so. The brand has been promoted over the decades by various big names and stars, assuring their credibility and name stays in the forefront of customer minds.

Extreme Sports

Whether you’re climbing the peaks of Kilimanjaro, surfing the coasts of California, or participating in a high school basketball game, G-Shock watches can handle whatever is thrown at them, literally. Professional tennis player Kei Nishikori, Olympic gold medalist Jordan Burroughs, MMA fighter Joe Rogan, and UFC fighter Rafael Dos Anjos to name a few, all showcase the popular G-Shock watch brand on their wrists. With sports figures like these standing behind the brand, it’s hard to argue their durability in the way of extreme sports.


G-Shock watches are recognized by the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum as the optimal choice of time keeping devices for astronauts. They are even a featured piece in their space collection. Considering the G-Shock GPS time keeping ability, resistance to shock, centrifugal gravity, and vibration, it’s a no brainer why they would be the superb choice for Astronauts.

Military Personnel

Did you know that G-Shock watches are actually battle-tested? This makes them widely popular and chosen among special forces groups around the world. G-Shock is even mentioned in the popular book, Blackhawk Down, as being worn during combat events.

Continual Development

Although they were introduced in the 80’s, Casio has proven that with time, these watches will continue to adapt. G-Shock watches continue to roll out onto the market with newly added features and technology such as, bluetooth connectivity to a smart phone, mapping information, a solar rechargeable battery and thermometers. Their continual development is essential to holding their popularity high in a generation where time is easily accessible on other devices like phones. One thing is for certain, in the battle of durability smart phones just can not win over the G-Shock watch.

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