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Back in 2012, my girlfriend (my wife now) and I started our mini business selling G-Shock watches. It helped us save for the majority of our wedding expenses. We fell in love with G-Shock watches and started collecting some rare models along with selling some rare and more expensive ones. Meeting new people who are passionate about G-Shock was a very memorable experience. Surprised to get 8k likes from our FB Page, which is really awesome! We were able to meet customers and later became our friends. One of our buyers became our Godfather during our wedding. 😀

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Speaking of the wedding, we ordered custom G-Shock Boutonniere for me and my entourage. Doesn’t really show that we love G-Shock that much Right? 😛

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A few months after our wedding, God blessed us with a wonderful daughter. Even posted her baby picture, after she came to this world, on our FB Page. That was one of the happiest moments of our lives. Unfortunately, we needed to stop the business. Instead of splitting our time with work and selling watches/meeting buyers, we decided to just focus on family time after going home from work.

As years passed by, a lot has happened. More ups and downs, a lot of learning in life and other stuff. We needed to secure and prepare for our daughter’s future without sacrificing family time. And this is how this website came about. We thought of searching for ways to still do the things love without really compromising family time. And this is one of them. We hope to still get the same support that we got when we started our mini G-Shock business years back.

Hope you enjoy this website and help you find your first G-Shock or a new addition to your collection. We will do our best to update this site and give more value to our visitors. Please bear with us. ❤

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